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Discover where your practice stands against others by connecting Quickbooks Online to Percentology®

Dental Practice Overhead Software

Only available to course members or bookkeeping service clients :) 

Discover where your overhead stands at a glance

Percentology transforms your boring Profit & Loss report into a visual performance dashboard, making it easier to understand where you stand at a glance compared to other practices rather than reading financial reports.

Percentology Overhead Percentages Dashboard
Percentology Overhead Percentages Dashboard

Track monthly & annual income targets

Create income targets annually and monitor progress monthly. If you can keep your income steady over time while working on operations to reduce overhead, then you're making that income more profitable to keep more of what you earn.

Look at your profitability like an investor

EBITDA is a financial formula commonly used to value a business when buying and selling like you would value a house when putting it on the market. It is a common formula used with dental practices, so our software uses it to help you see how you compare in profitability against a dental EBITDA standard.

Percentology Overhead Percentages Dashboard

Drill down into overhead costs compared to other practices.

Percentology Overhead Percentages Dashboard

Profit & Loss report categorized for dental industry benchmarks.

All of the expense accounts from your Profit & Loss report are included but reorganized into dental overhead categories, enabling you to compare your overhead against industry standards, apples to apples.

Compare your overhead costs against real practices.

Our bookkeeping service clients are all averaged together in the application by general or specialty, so you can compare your overhead against real practices. 

Review transaction details from QBO

No switching back and forth from QuickBooks. Click on dollar amounts to review transactions directly from QuickBooks.

If you can't see overhead costs, you can't control them.

To access our Percentology® online app and start getting overhead under control, you'll need to be a member of our Percentology course or a bookkeeping service client.

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