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We do your dental practice bookkeeping with overhead % benchmarking.

We do monthly bookkeeping for between 100 to 200 practices, providing exactly what your CPA needs for tax preparation each year, while it's also designed special for comparing your overhead against peers.

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Dental Practice Overhead, Dental practice bookkeeping


Dental Practice Overhead, Dental practice bookkeeping

Don't just get your numbers, but learn to understand them.

We provide you with regular financial statements, but we also give you the tools to understand what those numbers mean in the simplest terms.

  • Minimalist approach to financial reports to keep them simple and readable.

  • Overhead percent benchmarking to compare your spending to your peers, so you can always know where you stand.

  • Dashboard with graphs and color coding for the dentists who understand better with visuals.

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Just pay your practice bills, and run your payroll. We do the rest.


Educated Dedicated Bookkeeper

You will continue to pay your own bills and run your payroll, while you get an educated, dedicated bookkeeper who keeps track of all that financial activity in your business accounts daily. Keeping it organized special for dental benchmarks and your CPA's tax prep.


Minimal Interruptions

We streamline the bookkeeping process so that you can focus on more important things while your numbers are just magically done without your involvement. Any transactions we need clarification on to categorize correctly, we will put those to the side as we categorize daily, then list those transactions in an email to ask you - once per month, totally minimizing interruptions to you or your office manager.


Compare your practice to others (%)

A large part of the magic in Percentology's bookkeeping service is how we do the bookkeeping special for comparing dental practice overhead with dental benchmarks. We have our own technology that compares your overhead percentages against the averages of our clients.

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Percentology Dental Overhead Software

Get your own online dashboard comparing you to our other clients.

Compare yourself to peers

Your QuickBooks account is connected to your online dashboard where it automatically calculates your practice overhead percentages, as we update your bookkeeping every few days.

Find areas for improvement

Our platform will automatically break down your spending into essential dental categories that show you areas where your dental practice overhead is higher or lower than your peers.

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Monitor your progress

With a dashboard of graphs showing month-over-month and year-over-year, it's easy to make changes in your practice and get a visual of how you're doing with each move by monitoring the trends.


Our service is perfect for both established and start-up dental practices.

We do bookkeeping from beginning to end, so the books are tax-ready for your CPA and they will have very few adjustments to make for tax preparation each year. 

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Included in our bookkeeping service:

  • Starting QuickBooks account from scratch

  • Maintenance of General Ledger

  • Prepare and post adjusting journal entries

  • Verify and record new loan documentation

  • Record allocations of credit card liabilities

  • Employee earnings records tied to payroll reports

  • Bank Reconciliations and all transaction entries

  • Interactive monthly financial reports on demand

  • Practice overhead percentage calculations

  • Overhead expense comparison to peers

  • Overhead dashboard access and support

Services we don't offer:

  • No tax preparation

  • No bill pay/check writing

  • No day sheet/practice software reconciliations

  • No running payroll


We love working with all CPAs. We will provide everything your CPA needs at tax time.

We don't do any taxes, but we work with 100's of CPAs each year who do. We are happy to work with any CPA you choose. We will provide them access to your bookkeeping in QuickBooks Online, then they can monitor your numbers as the year goes, and also access the financial reports for tax time.

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We've been working with only dentists since the start of our company in 2013 (10 years). Now, we range from 100-200 practices.

Dental Practice Overhead, Dental practice bookkeeping

Johnny Kuttab, DDS

Everything changed after joining Percentology in 2015, such as ease, efficiency, accuracy, and accountability.  Outsourcing the bookkeeping made us realize the most crucial aspect of what we do isn't the accounting, but what we do with the numbers when we get them from the bookkeepers who hand it all to us and the accountant, on a silver platter. Making Percentology's bookkeeping team part of our daily systems has multiplied our efforts. They run things like a well-oiled machine, which is exactly what you want to build a profitable practice.

Dental Practice Overhead, Dental practice bookkeeping

Dr. Adrienne Hedrick, DDS

I’ve been using Percentology since 2016 and absolutely love working with them. Prior to working with them I did all of our bookkeeping myself. Having a dedicated expert do it for us has saved me a tremendous amount of time.  As a result I’ve had much more time to help patients, which has increased revenue. Plus, it’s terrific how they pay so close attention to detail and categorize everything correctly. They’ve taken great care of us and I really can’t say enough good things about them.

Dental Practice Overhead, Dental practice bookkeeping

Dr. Camilo Achury, DDS

My biggest challenge was to have my CPA review monthly my bookkeeping so that I could plan my strategy particularly as it relates to taxes. Year after year, we had no control. Some years we had a surplus, some years we were short. It was a roller coaster. I am very detail-oriented and work best when I have a plan. I called almost in desperation one January 1st and spoke to Sona, explained my problem and soon I signed reluctantly because I had not been able to get my problem solved for many years. The first month was used to set things up, and by month two, the reports were very timely and very, very complete. For the first time, it wasn't me who was pushing for perfection, but it was me who was being asked about my activity transaction by transaction. Can't tell you how happy I was, couldn't believe it. I thought this could not be found and almost gave up.

Dental Practice Overhead, Dental practice bookkeeping

Dr. Michael Bryant

I've been with Percentology since 2013. Sona and her team have put order into my practice and has shown me areas I can improve.  What I like the most is Sona will not hesitate to tell me the things I don't want but need to hear. And her dental benchmark framework showing me how I compare to other orthodontic practices is incredible. I am beyond pleased I started working with Percentology nine years ago!

Dental Practice Overhead, Dental practice bookkeeping

Dr. Timothy Lonergan

My biggest challenge was staying organized and up to date. I had been using old school Quickbooks Desktop for years and doing my own books. As Sona can attest, I had things placed in incorrect categories, was several months behind in balancing my statements, and just really had no idea of my profitability. Sona's team is a lifesaver! They save me so much time and give me peace of mind. Do yourself a favor and sign up with Sona's company now! I wish I had done it sooner.

Dental Practice Overhead, Dental practice bookkeeping

Madhu Nadimpalli DDS, MPA

I have six dental offices, and Sona Wegner's team does my bookkeeping for all the offices since 2014. One of my concerns while opening my practices was to have a good bookkeeper, and my life has been so smooth after I found her. She is the best, and I doubt if anyone else could do the job as well and professional as she does. She is very organized and provides reports with every minute detail. Moreover, she does bookkeeping only for dentists, so she knows what we as dentists expect. She is very efficient, comes up with new ideas and is dedicated to complete the work in a timely manner. I highly recommend Sona's services for all the dentists who are looking for a bookkeeper, and it’s a pleasure to work with her team. Sona, you are the best, and I am glad I found you.

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You'll work with one dedicated bookkeeper, and they have a team of support behind them.

Dental Practice Overhead, Dental practice bookkeeping
Dental Practice Overhead, Dental practice bookkeeping
Dental Practice Overhead, Dental practice bookkeeping
Dental Practice Overhead, Dental practice bookkeeping
Dental Practice Overhead, Dental practice bookkeeping
Dental Practice Overhead, Dental practice bookkeeping

Educated Bookkeepers

Every bookkeeper on our team is required to have a 4 year accounting degree, and minimum of 3 years CPA firm experience.

Thoroughly Trained

Consistently Improving

We spend a quarter of the year training each bookkeeper before they officially begin, to make sure they are awesome at what they do.

Our Chief Learning Officer is guiding our bookkeepers daily to improve and develop their expertise as dental bookkeepers.

Dental Practice Overhead, Dental practice bookkeeping


You will be starting with our onboarding accountant, and she will walk you each step of the way.


Start with a scheduled call

We will get aligned around your vision and goals for your dental practice bookkeeping, to be sure we will be the right fit.

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Gather some items for us

We will send you a simple list of five items to gather for us to get started. We know you're busy with patients, so we make it easy.


We do the rest

We will give you the tour, then we keep your practice numbers consistently updated for you moving forward.


Fees are determined based on your average annual collections. 


$0 - $500k

average annual collections


per month


$500k - $1M

average annual collections


per month


$1M - $2M

average annual collections


per month


$2M - $3M

average annual collections


per month

Plus $43 per month for a QuickBooks Online subscription. We will subscribe you to the 'Essentials' subscription for $43, and add it to the monthly service. We will transfer the subscription to you, if you ever choose to cancel our service. Our service is just a monthly contract. You can cancel at any time. 

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Percentology Online Course

Transform from beginner to expert in your dental practice bookkeeping, financial reports, and overhead percentage benchmarks.

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